We’re 3 persons working in beautiful Krakow, Poland. Software development is not only our work, it’s also our passion.

We have few common rules:

  • If something is not broken – don’t fix it
    It often happens that software releases contain unnecessary fixes, that result in new bugs.
  • If you’re doing repetitive work – automate it
    Manually copying info between JIRA and TFS is a good example.
  • Do not reinvent the wheel
    If there is an existing solution for a given problem we don’t do it ourselves again. Unless we can do it at least twice better :)
  • Use own solutions
    So far we’re always end users of our own solutions and we try to keep it that way. So besides testing we know how our software behaves in a production environment.
  • Here we should say something about ┬ácustomer satisfaction…
    …but we won’t. We’re not trying to have satisfied customer. What we want is to make software that people will want to use for their unique features and quality. And we want those people to be glad that their using it.
  • Care about every single person who uses the software
    We reply to all emails, we do our best to help, we listen to feature requests and even if we decide not to implement something maybe we can find another solution for you. We understand how hard it is to find software that matches all requirements (or rather that it’s impossible to find one) and we will try to help you in that process.

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